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Death Madness and a Mess of Dogs             by Frances Grote

ISBN 978-0-9833341-2-5

“12 short stories in which madness—and the incidents that trigger it—runs like a silent undertow. Grote’s compelling batch of stories…will hold the reader’s attention because of the honesty and familiarity of the characters. Promising collection from a talented newcomer.”—Kirkus Reviews

From a New York City tenement in the early 1900s to vampire make-up sex in present-day Philadelphia, the stories in Death, Madness and a Mess of Dogs are full of sly humor, memorable characters and quirky explorations of love, loss and redemption.  Written primarily during the year following Grote’s own mother’s death, this first short story collection offers a keenly inventive vision.  Families, frenemies and a unique assortment of lovers illustrate universal truths about relationships in fresh and unexpected ways.

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ISBN 978-0-9833341-2-5




Fire In The Henhouse           by Frances Grote

ISBN 978-0-9833341-0-1


What is going on in Dooleysburg, PA? Step inside Fire in the Henhouse for a rollercoaster ride full of local celebrities like the town mascot, a cross-dressing car dealer and the police chief who had to get his own juvenile record expunged. When widowed Maggie Rifkin returns here with her fourteen-year-old son and her New York attitude, she only wants to leave her past behind. But even a town where friendships ignore racial boundaries and sexual eccentricities are a family business isn’t safe from fate. When sudden tragedy strikes, the thread of destruction might well unravel all the way back to Maggie’s childhood secret.

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